Media Aesthetic corporate identity

Client : Media Aesthetic is a cosmetology and dermatologic clinic. Among their cosmetic services were treatments to improve body modelling, scars, skin laxity, moles and cellulite. They also provided reconstructive surgery, such as liposuction, facelifts and botox.

Design Problem : The clinic needed a image that provides total confidence to the customers and emphasise that the services were marketed at both genders, as opposed to just women.

Solution : Graphics were used to represent the silhouette of a slim aspirational woman combined with a muscular man. Both images are super-imposed and in the center there is glow that adds a feeling of youthfulness and vibrancy. The typography is sharp and impressive. It promotes a feeling of medical science and professionalism. Juxtaposed is a delicate typography to promote the beauty part of the service.

Conclusion : Branding is minimal and colours express the trustful and experience of the company. Purple is often used on high-end luxury brands.

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