Lucent-Light branding design

Client : Lucen-Light is a lighting enterprise founded in America. Their business is the design and manufacturing of lamps and bulbs. The process starts from conception through assembly and finally to the delivery of the final product. Popular items includes indoor LED lamps and outside solar LED lamps.

Design Problem : They required re-invigorating and re-innovating of their brand.

Solution : The first task was to design an invoice. A contemporary and clear design was the key. Business cards, envelopes and letterheads flowed from this concept. I made a straight forward concept- a backslash with a sharp end in the top corner was a symbolic icon for their image. I used techno type for the typo in a slim version. To unify the design for the rest of the branding, I adjusted imagery to size and composition accordingly.

Conclusion : The contrasting between yellow and black makes this design stand out and shine.

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