Avila corporate identity

Client : Avila is a confectionary manufacturer company. With over four decades of experience, this company has been positioned in the high end of confectionary industry. Avila has been recognised for the production of the tradicional candy "mazapan".

Design Problem : The company required a fresh change in their branding. For instance, they required innovating business cards, which they valued as part of the sales process as they transfer knowledge of the quality of the brand. I designed the cover of their cds for their digital catalogue and finally finishing the design of the rest of the company's identity: letterhead, folder, envelope and notepad.

Solution : I thought about their current logotype, I used a segment of it- the "AV" letters. I played with transparency, solid backgrounds and ninety degrees edges to give a sharp and attractive sense of the renowned company.

Conclusion : I had a really exciting time when I made this project. The client thought the results were phenomenal. I am happy to say, the client adored their new branding collection.

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