Memoria visual cards for infants

Client: Stimolo is a company that fabricates didactic toys for Infants.

Design problem: The project was to make an illustrative cards packaging for children from 0 months to over 4 years old. Specifically the package was aimed at parents. The box contained 20 cardboard illustrative square cards. The box size had to be 1.5 cm bigger than the product itself. The brief was a box printed all sides, colourful, descriptive and product-interactive photos.

Solution: The box was adjusted to the dimensions of the product. At the front of the box I used multicolor for the brand-name; the main product description was positioned over a dynamic flag. Furthermore, I used a photo of a mother with her baby interacting with the cards. On the rear side of the box, I added photos of fascinated children playing with the game. Further information was found in the back of the box.

Conclusion: This packaging was a very thrilling project. As the box was colourful and attractive to any child I realised the purchaser would be the parent.

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