Best friends gift bag

Client: Onix is a young Mexican company. They fabricate accessories aimed for 6 to 16 years old girls such as: handbags, decorative pillows, fluffy toys, earrings, notepads, colourful pens etc.

Design Problem: The client needed a packaging for birthday gift. The box body to have internal dimensions of 16 X 12 cm. The imagery had to be captivating. All sides of the box printed with graphics. The packaging's base had to be resistant to damage in transit but also easy to fold. The primary concept was to build the perfect package for a girly taste.

Solution: The box was made in one piece.
A gift bag with two alternatives, open bag and closed bag.
I added cartoon images in pastel tones. At the sides of the bag lovely little signs implying friendship. The structure of the bag's base was made as automatic folding system; bringing up its resistance.

Conclusion: Best Friends was one of the most innovating projects for the company. However, if I could further develop it, I would have added a design label for the birthday message to the bag.

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