Santorini candle package

Client: Santorini is a PepsiCo company. Santorini is one of the biggest retail drinking water company in Mexico.

Design problem: During Christmas time, Santorini had a limited promotion. The promotion was that for every 20 litre container of drinking water purchased, the customer received a Christmas candle. Santorini needed a Christmas style of packaging for a candle. As the production was large, one of the relevant issues was to keep the cost down, and printed them with only two printing inks.

Solution: The process was straightforward. Two colours printed packaging, including company branding on the front, rear and top part of the box. As a part of the Christmas concept, I used dark navy blue graduation to a bright cyan. Furthermore, I added snowflakes graphics in the background in a transparent effect. Combined this made an attractive and sweet present for Christmas.

Conclusion: This box was one of my favourite blue packaging. Even though design and shape was basic, it left a sweet and jolly smell in every's customer home.

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