Urrea tool package

Client: Urrea is a Mexican plumbing manufacturing company.

Design problem: The client's need was to create a collective box. Designed to fit three different products with similar dimensions. The collective box would only contain one product at a time. Those products were different plastic plumbing pieces. The packaging material had to be fairly strong as products were light weight but tough. Requirements were to use corporate imaging, one printing ink, automatic folding system base and the used of eco friendly cardboard.

Solution: The packaging was made in a fixed size, so that three products could fit in. I used the corporate logo; added their internal reference code; institutional logo and a line marked squared for a sticker they used for internal control. Design was basic, and the packaging structure was a functional design.

Conclusion: I loved working for this company. Their packaging was always a challenge. They used multiple sizes for various products, I have always been open to innovative new strategies for projects.

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